Carpet Cleaning , Hobart, Tasmania


1. How much will it cost to get my carpets cleaned?

Cost depends on many things. The average carpet will cost $3.20 -4 per square metre, depending mainly on the size of the carpeted area. Soiling will influence the price a little. We measure your carpet with a laser and give a firm price before we start the job, with no hidden extras. Some stubborn stains will need more time and chemicals to remove, such as rust, cordial stains, tea and coffee spills.

2. How much does it cost to clean my lounge suite?

An average lounge suite will cost $48 per seating position, eg. Two recliners and a 2 seater couch will cost $192. The average dining chair is around $13 to clean.

3. How much does my mattress cost to clean?

A queen size mattress will cost $139 to steam clean, while a single mattress will be $98.

4. How long will it take for my carpets to dry once cleaned?

Drying time depends on a lot of different factors. A warm, windy day is the ideal condition to dry carpets, so you need to replicate those conditions as much as possible. Open windows to let the breeze flow through on a fine day. If the weather is colder, warm the house and use fans, heat pumps ,air conditioners, and ceiling fans to stir the air and dry your carpets faster. The average drying time for a carpet which has been low moisture cleaned is around 1 – 4 hours, while a steam cleaned carpet might take 4 – 8 hours. A wool carpet will take longer to dry than a synthetic carpet, because wool is more absorbent. Keep wooden and steel furniture and effects off the carpet for 24 hours, or place foil or plastic under the legs.

5. How soon can I walk on my cleaned carpet?

If your footwear is clean you can walk on a cleaned carpet straight away, it will be left in a just damp condition. However, we recommend that the carpet is left to dry as long as possible, because while it is damp any dirt walked in may stick to the fibres.

6. Will you come back if a spot re-appears?

Sure we will. Spots sometimes come back after a little while, mostly because the original spill was a sticky substance, and will work its way up the carpet fibres as the carpet dries. Any dust or dirt sticks to the sticky spot, and it will gradually become noticeable. We are happy to return and deal with those ‘pop ups’!

7. Do you travel to the country areas to clean carpets and upholstery?

We travel anywhere in southern Tasmania. Of course, there will be a reasonable travelling charge to cover our running costs and time. If country people band together and get 2 or 3 carpets cleaned at the same time, we can split the travelling charge between them.